FORMIND community registration

FORMIND community registration

As a member of the FORMIND community, you will have access to the current release of the FORMIND model and the source code. New members need to provide additional information about name, affiliation and potential model application (please use the registration form below). Please be aware that your member request is processed manually. It might take up to 48 hours until we provide you a download link of the FORMIND model. If an update of the FORMIND model is available we will send all members a new download link. Release notes of the model can be found here.

Current release: FORMIND 3.2

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    Terms and conditions for the application of the FORMIND model can be found HERE. Publications using any FORMIND tool should include citation of the FORMIND model and an acknowledgement (see terms and conditions). Currently available is the executable version of the FORMIND model including an example project. Downloadable source code is coming soon.