Terms and Conditions for using GRASSMIND

Terms and Conditions for using GRASSMIND

In order to communicate updates to users of the GRASSMIND model, we ask to submit the data request form which creates a record in our user database. Registration and use of GRASSMIND is free of charge. User data will be stored only to allow for communication of recent developments and/or model bug fixes.

If you are planning a GRASSMIND study, please download the most recent version of the model. There will be regular updates. The project group always greatly welcomes feedback from users.

In order to get a record of every use, we ask that the prospective investigator do not share the download link with other parties not included on the data request form.

Publications using GRASSMIND should include the following citation:

Taubert F, Frank K, Huth A (2012) A review of grassland models in the biofuel context. Ecological Modelling 245:84-93.

Taubert F, Hetzer J, Schmid JS, Huth A (2020) Confronting an individual-based simulation model with empirical community patterns of grasslands. PLoS ONE 15(7): e0236546. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0236546

Taubert F, Hetzer J, Schmid JS, Huth A (2020) The role of species traits for grassland productivity. Ecosphere 11(7):e03205.

Copies of articles
Copies of articles using GRASSMIND should be sent to info@formind.org once published.

Publications should also include the following acknowledgement:
“The GRASSMIND model (www.formind.org/model/formind/grassmind) is continuously developed at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig, Germany. Numerous scientists helped to develop and refine the grassland model as well as to improve its applicability.”